Documentary Film Mulberry Child Moves Mothers and Daughters to Tears (Asian Fortune, May 2, 2014)

Film Based on Memoir of Two Generations of Chinese Americans Explores History and Present By Tamara Treichel

Mulberry Child Movie Poster

Mulberry Child Movie Poster

“No matter what storm comes, don’t break,” Jian Ping’s grandmother told her. “You must be strong, like the mulberry tree.” Jian took her grandmother’s words to heart while growing up during China’s chaotic Cultural Revolution (1966-76), and wished to become a “mulberry child.”

The documentary film Mulberry Child tells the story of Jian’s childhood. As the story evolves, the mulberry tree is cast as a symbol of strength and resilience, and Jian’s wish to be strong and survive during a turbulent period in Chinese history makes complete sense.

Mulberry Child (directed by Susan Morgan Cooper, 2012) is based on Jian Ping’s book Mulberry Child: A Memoir of China (Morrison McNae, 2008) and will air on PBS and the World Channel nationwide in May – just in time for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and Mother’s Day.

Little Jian, Nainai and Jian's father in the movie, photo credit: Quyen Tran

Little Jian, Nainai and Jian’s father in the movie, photo credit: Quyen Tran

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